Demisas’ manufacturing stage starts as soon as the design, simulation and pattern making operations are completed. Process automation and flexible manufacturing systems are used to have customer satisfaction and competative results for global market.


Technology at Demisas

Core production is carried out by fully automatic four Disacore and Combi 25 lt. cold box core machines. The cores are coated by robot and dried in two gas heated continous drying ovens. All gases are filtered and purified with special filter systems per govermental regulations.


Technology at Demisas

The melting process is carried out on the cupola or the induction furnaces with certain recipies.

Melting process is carried out by automatic charging accessorised hot blast cupola furnace has a capacity of 24 tons/hr and 4 ea. induction furnaces with a capacity of 6 tons/hr each. Hot metal is hold in 2 ea. holding furnaces with 60 tons each.


Technology at Demisas

Next to those step, the shaping through scrap to highly sophisticated part, starts with a testifying of molding line operators. As the molding goes on, periodical tests are carried out by means of various techniques such as thermal, spectral analysis, to make sure that all the conditions reach to high quality standards. Moulding is carried out by vertical Moulding Lines with automatic stream innoculation and induction heated pouring furnace equippeded with laser pour unit.

Moulding Lines

  • LORAMENDİ e-VMM 5070 Mould Size : 650X535X200/400 mm - Cooling Line-AMC+SBC-70 m

  • DISAMATIC 230B Mould Size : 650X535X200/330 mm - Cooling Line-AMC+SBC-70 m

  • DISAMATIC 2070 Mk 2A DISAMATIC 2070 Mk 2A

Sand Plant

  • 1 GF Sand Mixer SAM14/60 4000 kg

  • 2 GF Sand Mixer STM-20 2000 kg

  • 3 SMC (Sand Multi Controller)


  • 3 Automatic Grinding Machine MAUS Sam 300

  • 5 Trim Press 3 Serf - 2 Demisas


Technology at Demisas

  • CNC Automatic Grinding Machine – 3 Pieces (Maus)

  • Cylindrical Grinding Machine – 1 Piece - (Reichmann)

  • Robotic Grinding Machine - 2 Pieces - (Maus)

  • Automatic Grinding Machine – 4 Pieces (Koyama)

  • Hanging Blasting Machine - 2 Pieces (OMSG - SATMAK)

  • Drum Blasting Machine - 5 Pieces (OMSG – Berger – BMD - Pangborn)


Technology at Demisas

  • Vertical turning CNC machines

  • Horizantal-Vertical CNC machining centers

  • Automatic balancing – marking machines