Demisas is used to utilize its highly experienced engineering team which is capable of developing optimum solutions for its customers. Demisas constantly follows the industrial trends in an effort to proactively find innovative solutions for its partners’ unique needs. Demisas provides consistent support to its partners from the prototyping stage to enhance their design processes and also focus on process optimization in order to use its resources efficiently.

Demisas production success story begins with design of the parts and verification by making use of various simulation processes. According to these results and customer requests, all serial and prototype toolings are manufactured in-house via CAD-CAM. Not only the tooling and pattern equipments but also all production facilities are maintained according to the TPM principles.


Engineering at Demisaş

2D or 3D data received from the customer is converted into pattern and core box designs by using Unigraphics and Catia CAD-CAM programs.


Engineering at Demisaş

Magmasoft and Novaflow&Solid programs are used to complete mould filling and solidification simulation to visualize the consequences of mould design parameters to avoid casting defects by means of optimising the design of the gating, feeding and venting system. By using these programs, the number of the trials and time needed for sample production are reduced.


Engineering at Demisaş

Designed patterns and core boxes are machined with CNC machines by using CAM program. Finally, the patterns are prepared for production after the manuel finishing operations by the skilled personnel.