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First European Foundry with Award For Excellence In Consistent TPM Commitment


Demisaş' "Big Scale Organization" Award
Demisaş' 2019 "Metal Industry Sector - Big Scale Organization" Awart - Kocaeli Chamber of Industry organized the 12th ’Sectoral Performance Evaluation Award Ceremony ...
Demisaş's Education Support Plaque
Bilecik Refik Arslan Öztürk Science High School Principal Fadıl AĞDAĞ, presented a plaque  for expressing their gratitude for their financial and moral contributions ...
Demisas Has Become R & D Center

Demisaş started the R & D Center installation activities with kick off on 09-10-2018. In addition to the completion of the physical conditions required to become an R & D Center, Various pr ...

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